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Another Salmonella Outbreak

 You hear it on the evening news.  Another Salmonella outbreak.  Should you check your refrigerator? What about attempting to recover Salmonella at work...AOAC INTERNATIONAL publishes standardized, chemical analysis methods designed to increase confidence in results of chemical a Read More...

The Versatility of Oxyrase® in Media

Have you ever wondered what microorganisms will grow in the presence of Oxyrase®?  We have too!  To answer this question, we surveyed our customers, the published literature, and our own experiences developing the list found here on our website.For your convenience, we l Read More...

Microbiome or Yours?

 Microbiome work.  Everybody's doing it, but it's not easy.  Learn how Oxyrase, Inc. products make microbiota projects less challenging.Not all microorganisms found in any microbiome are anaerobes, but many are.  Take for instance, the human gut:  one of the hottest fields f Read More...

Oxyrase, Inc. Announces Additional Products available through MilliporeSigma

 Oxyrase, Inc. is pleased to announce the availability of Oxyrase® for Agar, OxyFluor™ and OxyDish™ in the Sigma-Aldrich catalog, providing another method to access our unique technology.  This is in addition to our EC-Oxyrase® and Oxyrase® for Broth. Read More...

You say microbiome! We say yes!

These days everyone has a microbiome project.  Let us help you with your proprietary work and unique project.Add Oxyrase® For Agar to your special media and pour your own plates into the novel OxyDish™. The OxyPlates™ you just made will generate their own anaerobic conditio Read More...