Convenience Orders

For customers who prefer to set up a standing order to be delivered on a regular schedule, we offer you the opportunity to place a Convenience Order with Oxyrase, Inc.



The benefits to placing a Convenience Order for your plated media products include:

  • Assured delivery on a scheduled basis
  • Longest possible shelf life
  • An additional 5% discount
  • Flexible - adjust next order, up or down, with a telephone call or email
  • Simple - single Purchase Order (save $275 or more by not having to place multiple POs)
  • Convenience - not a contract - only pay for plates received


Changing Convenience Orders

We recognize the variable demand for plated media in the clinical laboratory. To make Convenience Orders workable, we allow reasonable changes to the order. We will work with you to accommodate your needs whenever possible. 

We need your cooperation to make these changes in an orderly and cost effective way. Understanding the time line for plate production will help you to appropriately time your request. Plate production schedules are set 1-2 weeks before the plates are made.

If your change to a Convenience Order is partial and/or less than 100 plates, we can accommodate the change order if placed before your plates are boxed or shipped.  If your change is large (>100 plates) or to cancel the next shipment, you need to submit your change request 2 weeks before the change is to become effective, so we can make appropriate adjustments to the production schedule.  If your change order comes after your plates are made, the change will become effective with your next scheduled shipment.

When making a change, please indicate if the change is temporary (one delivery) or permanent (all subsequent deliveries).  If the change is permanent, it must be confirmed in writing. If the change is permanent and significantly impacts the number of plates delivered, we reserve the right to alter pricing, based on our volume discount schedule.