How Can I Use Oxyrase?

Oxyrase® is used daily in clinical laboratories to isolate, grow, and identify anaerobe microorganisms that cause infectious disease.

Oxyrase® is used to protect oxygen-sensitive chemicals in products made by others. Oxyrase® extends the shelf-life of these products.

Oxyrase® is used to increase the intensity and longevity of activated fluorescent dyes that are susceptible to quenching by oxygen. This enhances the usefulness of fluorescence for imaging biological processes in live cells.

Oxyrase® is used to measure susceptibility of microbes to the antibiotic Tigecycline, a broad-spectrum antibiotic effective against some strains that are resistant to many other antibiotics.

Oxyrase® is used to protect and preserve sperm cells during cryo-storage.

Oxyrase® is used widely in research studies as demonstrated by a Google Scholar search in which over 1,500 citations are listed.

The Oxyrase® Enzyme System is very diverse.  From clinical labs to oil fields.  

We are hard at work on a food safe version and our technology is even being developed to aid in the fight against cancer.  The uses of Oxyrase® are limited only by our imagination.  Perhaps you have an Oxyrase® application not yet discovered.

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