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Top 10 Things You Should Know About Oxyrase® - Nature's Antioxidant®

                                        Oxyrase, Inc. Top 10 Oxyrase® is an enzym

Oxyrase for Super Resolution Microscopy

 Image courtesy of: Kees Jalink/ Leila Nahidiazar, NKI AmsterdamRecently we noticed an increased trend regarding OxyFluor inquiries.  What is stimulating this interest?  Approximately 40 citations for Oxyrase and fluorescence and 10 citations for OxyFluor and fluorescence have been pu Read More...

Have the holidays screwed up your microbiome?

  Are you struggling to grow anaerobes, preserve biological material or control oxygen levels in your process?  We can help!Resolve to upgrade your anaerobe recovery in 2017 or facing a CAP Anaerobe Corrective Action?  Our OxyPRAS® Plus Plates increase recovery of i Read More...

Fluorescence Microscopy Photo Contest - Win a $50 VISA gift card!

Fluorescence microscopy is increasing in popularity; especially with the advent of super resolution, 3D, stacking and motion technologies.  Now you know the secret behind all those impressive fluorescent journal cover photos! But how do they get those fabulous images?  All you need is Read More...

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Congratulations to the Winners of the OxyFluor™ Fluorescence Microscopy Contest!

We are pleased to announce the winners of our OxyFluor™ Fluorescence Microscopy Contest.  Enjoy your $50 VISA Gift Cards!                             Leila Nahidiazar at The Netherlands Cancer Institute    Read More...
Author: Hooty Monroe
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Oxyrase, Inc. Announces Additional Products available through MilliporeSigma

 Oxyrase, Inc. is pleased to announce the availability of Oxyrase® for Agar, OxyFluor™ and OxyDish™ in the Sigma-Aldrich catalog, providing another method to access our unique technology.  This is in addition to our EC-Oxyrase® and Oxyrase® for Broth. Read More...

OxyFluor™ Protects Against Photobleaching in Live Cell Imaging

A recent editorial article by Tamlyn Oliver was published in Biocompare:  Photobleaching in Live Cell ImagingOxyFluor™ is very popular for live-cell imaging with fluorescent dyes and proteins.  Use OxyFluor™ when you need protection against photo-bleaching in live cells.  Read More...
Author: Lisa Stewart
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