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Another Place to Find Oxyrase®

 Oxyrase, Inc. is pleased to announce the availability of EC-Oxyrase® and Oxyrase® for Broth in the Sigma-Aldrich catalog, providing another method to access our unique technology.   Sigma-Aldrich, now part of MilliporeSigma, is a well respected suppli Read More...

Top 10 Things You Should Know About Oxyrase® - Nature's Antioxidant®

                                        Oxyrase, Inc. Top 10 Oxyrase® is an enzym

Have the holidays screwed up your microbiome?

  Are you struggling to grow anaerobes, preserve biological material or control oxygen levels in your process?  We can help!Resolve to upgrade your anaerobe recovery in 2017 or facing a CAP Anaerobe Corrective Action?  Our OxyPRAS® Plus Plates increase recovery of i Read More...

Microbiome or Yours?

 Microbiome work.  Everybody's doing it, but it's not easy.  Learn how Oxyrase, Inc. products make microbiota projects less challenging.Not all microorganisms found in any microbiome are anaerobes, but many are.  Take for instance, the human gut:  one of the hottest fields f Read More...

Interesting Use of the Oxyrase® Enzyme System - #1 (TNT Disposal)

From time to time we observe novel and interesting ways that Oxyrase® is used.  Perusing the published literature on Google Scholar one can get lost in the citations for a product like the Oxyrase® Enzyme System.Did you know that Oxyrase® was used to dispose of TNT? & Read More...

Antioxidant Products

An explanation for the underlying technology can be found by clicking on What is Oxyrase? However the simplest explanation for Oxyrase® is that it is a biological oxygen scavenger. Equivalent to a “strong reducing agent,” it removes dissolved oxygen from aqueous, gaseous, and semisol Read More...