OEM & Custom Products

In today’s ever increasing and demanding global marketplace, companies occasionally find it challenging to develop and manufacture the products or procure the technology the market demands given their existing capabilities. In these cases, companies may seek the expertise of an external partner like Oxyrase, Inc. We combine over 25 years of experience with various key capabilities to offer numerous and varied clients a custom manufactured option.

Oxyrase, Inc. utilizes its capabilities, experience and technology to offer services ranging from contract manufacturing to OEM manufacturing to full-­scale development and commercialization of projects for our clients. Historically, we have achieved success:

  • Developing and supplying custom antioxidants, based on the Oxyrase® Enzyme System, to the chemical diagnostic industry to optimize the shelf life of their products
  • Developing and manufacturing custom media formulations for the clinical microbiology industry
  • Providing contract manufacturing for proprietary media used in the clinical isolation of anaerobic bacteria
  • Manufacturing a highly selective OxyPRAS® Plus plate for isolating Bifidobacterium from human feces for use in the clinical laboratory 
  • Developing antioxidants, based on the Oxyrase® Enzyme System, for use in the food industry to control dissolved oxygen levels in oils, fats, and alcohols
  • Supplying antioxidants, based on the Oxyrase® Enzyme System, to the natural gas and petroleum industries to aid in their testing of microbial induced corrosion (MIC)
  • Supplying the Oxyrase® Enzyme System on an OEM basis for specialized applications


"...a simple, versatile, and reliable method of producing low O2 conditions without special equipment."

                                                                                                               ~ American Journal of Clinical Oncology


Take a moment to review our capabilities below. Please consider Oxyrase, Inc. as you develop your specific antioxidant, or oxygen removal requirements. You may also find helpful information in the 1500+ publications citing Oxyrase found on Google Scholar.

  • Oxyrase® Enzyme System antioxidant 
  • Development and Process Improvement Services
  • Manufacturing and Regulatory Services
  • Clean Room high speed plate production using a standard petri dish or our patented OxyDish
  • True PRAS media using our OxyPRAS® Plus technology
  • Complete Bio­Processing capabilities

If you would like to discuss a custom project, please email us at info@oxyrase.com. We look forward to working with you.