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Are you are interested to know how OxyPRAS Plus® Plates compare to Other Plates? Please take a moment to review the following information, as well as the comparison studies submitted by some of our satisfied customers.

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We are committed to continually expanding our own understanding and knowledge. When possible, we want to share techniques, technologies and processes with you as well. Please our collection of White Papers and publications for your use.


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One of the characteristics that makes the Oxyrase enzyme technology so unique is its virtually limitless use. We are honored to have been cited in more than 1,500 publications. Please take a moment to explore how others have used Oxyrase.


Learn about a few of our unique products in the videos below.  Check back often for new videos since we are always adding to our selection. Learn about Oxyrase, Inc.  Plated Media & Microbiology Products ...

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Oxyrase, Inc. is proud to host the “Anything Anaerobic Forum” which we hope will become your first resource for any topic that involves antioxidants, anaerobes, oxygen removal, etc. Visit the forum directly at

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