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Frequently, the clinical microbiologist encounters a situation where sensual evidence (odor) suggests an anaerobe is present on a plate directly streaked with a specimen; yet a distinctive anaerobe colony can’t be isolated.  This situation is most often a result of the rapid growth of facultative microbes in the transport medium.  While anaerobes are growing slowly, or not growing at all, they are being diluted to extinction by the rapid growth of the facultative microbes. The anaerobe may be present in the first quadrant on the plate, it is often buried in the mass of facultative growth making the anaerobe difficult to isolate even though you know it’s there.

The AnaSelect® plate provides a means to significantly reduce background growth of facultative microbes when directly plating a clinical specimen. This reduction enhances the number of anaerobe colonies relative to the number of facultative colonies on the plate, improving the isolation of the anaerobe.  


Has This Happened to You?


If you’ve had the “I can smell it… but I can’t find it” experience, you know the frustration of trying to isolate an anaerobe from a patient specimen that has undergone the anaerobe-facultative transition. Your plate may look like this:  




If you also streaked the specimen onto an AnaSelect® plate, you would have this...








 ... a plate on which the colonies of facultative microbes have been significantly reduced in number and the anaerobe is revealed as isolated colonies. 



For even more selectivity, first enrich for the anaerobe in an AnaSelect® for Broth specimen culture; then streak the AnaSelect® plate.

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