Clostridium novyi B.

June 30, 2014

OxyPRAS® Plus plates are capable of growing even some of the most difficult anaerobes.  Clostridium novyi B can be difficult to grow in a clinical setting and may be difficult to grow if you consider using it as a internal control to monitor your anaerobic environment.  A quick search of the citations utilizing Oxyrase and Clostridium novyi turns up several results.

We were curious how this organism performed specifically on our OxyPRAS® plates and our laboratory staff undertook a brief study.  We are happy to confirm strong growth of Clostridium novyi B on our media and were also pleased to confirm that the combined use of our OxyPRAS® AnaSelect® media and OxyPRAS® Brucella media successfully isolated the Clostridium novyi B organism from a grossly contaminated specimen.

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